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Mr Green Moonlight Slot Game

Mr Green Moonlight Slots Machine
Mr Green Moonlight Slots Machine

New from Mr Green Casino is an all new feature slot called Mr Green Moonlight, this thrilling feature video slot developed by NetEnt and is an exclusive game release that can only be found at Mr Green’s Casino.

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Mr Green Moonlight Slots Review

Picture the scene, the year is 1865, you find yourself in the dark back streets in the city looking for the dark manbeast that took your wife away from you.

It’s a cold dark dangerous place to be in and something is stalking you the night, this manbeast, this werewolf hides in the dark, shrouding itself in the think stinking fog that chokes the dark streets.

When darkness descends and the full moon shines, Mr Green patrols the cobbled walkways, in the hope that the creature will appear before him.

The beast watches Mr Green from the shadows, its teeth bared and claws ready to strike him down. Will this be the night, under this blood red Moon, that Mr Green will take revenge on this lycanthrope, this… WEREWOLF!

mre green moonlight
mre green moonlight

Main Game

The Mr Green Moonlight is a 5-reel, 3-row, 20-bet line video slot. Featuring the exclusive ‘Moonlight’ WildsTM and ‘Blood Moon’ Wilds symbols.

Mr Green Moonlight Wilds
Mr Green Moonlight Wilds

Moonlight Wild Subsititution

In the main slot game, the Moonlight Wild Symbol appears on reels 2, 3, and 4, and substitutes for all symbols except Scatter symbols. The Moonlight reflects upon two or more nearby symbols turning them into extra wild symbols.

Blood Moon Wild Substitution

In Free Spins mode, the Blood Moon Wild replaces the Moonlight Wild symbols on reels 2, 3, and 4, and substitutes for all symbols except the Scatter and the Multiplier symbol. Like the Moonlight Wild symbol, the Blood Moon Wild turns two or more nearby symbols into Wild Blood Moon symbols.

Free Spin Feature

Mr Green Moolight free spins
Mr Green Moolight free spins

To trigger the free spins feature oon Moonlight you’ll need 3 or more Silver Bullet scatters, the will unlock 10 Free Spins. In combination with an ever increasing Free Spins multiplier (up to 5x), then you’ll be in with a shot at some truly beastly wins.

You’ll hit the Free Spins feature when Mr Green encounters the beast in human form down a dark alleyway. When in the free spin mode, as the reels spin the man progressively transforms into the werewolf, you see the guaranteed Blood Moon Wild symbol replace the Moonlight Wild symbol, this will turn two or more nearby symbols into Blood Moons; and into additional Wild symbols, this is when the big prizes start dropping.

When a multiplied symbol appears on reel five, this increases the bet line win multiplier by one until a maximum of x5 is reached.

When a player wins a new multiplier, you’ll see it get get bathed in a blue light.

The x2 multiplier will turn the bottom of the reels blue, the x3 multiplier lights up the left and right sides of the reels, the x4 multiplier completes the square, with the x5 multiplier lighting up the entire play area.

During the Free Spins feature, 2 Silver Bullet Free Spins symbols awards 5 extra free spins, and 3 Silver Bullet Free Spin symbols award 10 extra free spins.

Play the all new Mr Green Moonlight Slot your PC, tablet or mobile device only at Mr Green Casino.


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