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InterCasino Slots player wins massive £1.3 million

Intercasino winner InterMillionaire
Intercasino winner InterMillionaire

InterCasino created another millionaire in May when one of its classic slots paid out an astonishing $1.3 million to one very lucky winner. Native Treasure is a regular slot game so this could very well be one of the biggest non progressive wins ever paid out by an online casino.

When Amber, our winner, hit 100 free spins shortly after she started playing she was ecstatic and then the unthinkable happened; another 100 free spins were triggered, and then another… After a total of 1,600 free spins, which took over four hours to finish, the slot tallied up the total and Amber was stunned to find her winnings stood at an incredible $1.3 million. Following a brief conversation with customer support they quickly confirmed the win.

“I could not believe my eyes. I kept saying ‘this can’t be true’ but it was and I won an amount of money I could never have imagined,” Amber said. “I have already given some money to my family, bought a new carpet for the house, and now I’m planning a big holiday with my husband and our 5-year-old daughter. We’ll probably go on a cruise.”

Peter Marcus hands over a cheque for $1.3 million.Peter Marcus of InterCasino went to congratulate Amber in person and handed her a cheque for the prize money, and of course shared a few celebratory glasses of Champagne.

“We are thrilled as a casino when we see players walk away with life-changing wins,” said Mr. Marcus. “It’s not every day you get to be a part of history in the making.”

Amber’s mother first played at InterCasino in 1997 making her one of the very first players to register an account. In 2014 Amber saw one of InterCasino’s ads and it reminded her of how fondly her mother talked about the casino. She opened an account and only six months later became an InterCasino millionaire. When the casino got a facelift in January 2015, Amber really liked the new changes and has been a regular fixture in the casino ever since.

In its 18 years of service InterCasino has paid out billions in winnings and served 10s of thousands of customers. “We can’t wait for our next big winner” Peter said after the ceremony.

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